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Copenhagen Airports

Copenhagen Airport is the international gateway to Denmark, Scandinavia and Northern Europe. We provide and develop vital infrastructure in cooperation with the local community, airlines, political decision-makers and other partners to find the best solutions for connecting our part of the world to the rest of the world.

We have received several awards for being among Europe’s most efficient airports. This is due to our determination to ensure that the airport meets future requirements from passengers and airlines – and to ensure as much value as possible for the world around us. This is the basis for our work towards transforming Copenhagen Airport to become the airport of the future.

It is of great value that air travel has become more accessible to a large part of the population. A world-class efficient airport is a requirement if we are to continue providing passengers with high-quality services and attracting new airlines and new destinations to Copenhagen.

At the same time we have in the last few years reduced the CO2 emissions from the airport’s operations. This has been accomplished despite an increase in the number of passengers. The CO2 emissions per passenger have been significantly reduced in the past 20 years. In 2019, we have adopted climate compensation programs to become a CO2-neutral airport. However, this is only the beginning, if we are to truly remove our emissions. Compensating for emissions was merely the first initiative towards reaching the three major goals of our climate strategy for the green transition of aviation. The goals are:

  • In 2019, Copenhagen Airport has become a CO2-neutral airport.
  • In 2030, Copenhagen Airport will be an emission-free airport with emission-free transport to and from the airport.
  • In 2050, the entire airport will be emission-free.

If Copenhagen Airport is to deliver the capacity and efficiency required, as well as the needed transformation towards green aviation, we have to develop and transform the airport to be able to meet the challenges of both today and of the future. This requires further development of an efficient and attractive airport with a cohesive terminal area that provides efficiency for both passengers and personnel, as well as quick and direct access to the whole of Greater Copenhagen. This will give us the strength and competitiveness we need tothe meet the ambitious goals related to connectivity, efficiency and green transition – and it will also provide us with the opportunity to ensure the best possible development of the airport.

Visit: www.cph.dk

Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity is the Danish capital city region´s official organisation for investment promotion, business development and cluster growth. They offer free business consulting to foreign-owned companies looking to expand their business development activities in Copenhagen and beyond. This is offered with full confidentiality and is free of charge. They can aid in various aspects such as providing industry reports, location tools, knowledge sharing and practical assistance during the entire investment process.

In terms of supply chain and logistics, Greater Copenhagen is home to a large variety of logistic parks, hubs and clusters. The region has a highly developed infrastructure including airports, bridges, tunnels, harbours and an integrated railway system, facilitating easy supply of goods and services, and Denmark has been ranked the 3rd best on distribution infrastructure by IMD 2018. There are four main industry clusters within the areas of life science, ICT, Cleantech and logistics. The logistics clusters employ more than 130.000 people, representing more than 20% of Denmark´s total exports, where you can find companies such as A.P. Moeller Maersk, DFDS and DHL etc. Copenhagen-Malmö Port is the largest hub for new cars in the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea Region, and the leading cruise port in Northern Europe. In addition, Greater Copenhagen has a great talent pool to choose from, where almost 90% of the population speaks English, and Copenhagen Business School offers a MSc in Supply Chain Management, ranked number 8 in 2015 in SCM World University 100 Ranking among schools in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Copenhagen Airport is the largest airport in the Nordics for passengers, cargo and express companies. In 2015 Copenhagen airport carried more than 26 million passengers, and this is expected to increase to 40 million. CPH Airport serves more than 70 airlines, and has all the major international airlines, and in addition, it acts as a Nordic hub for global logistics providers such as FedEx, DHL, PostNord and Kuhne&Nagel etc.

Locating business activites within Greater Copenhagen enables companies to reach 25 million Scandinavian consumers overnight, and more than 100 million when including Germany and the Baltics.

Welcome to Greater Copenhagen!

Visit: www.copcap.com

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SAS Cargo

SAS Cargo Group A/S is the cargo and logistics branch of SAS, Scandinavian Airlines. Having managed the cargo capacity on the entire SAS network since its foundation in 1946, SAS Cargo was established as an independent and wholly owned subsidiary to SAS in 2001.

SAS Cargo is the leading air cargo carrier to, from and within Scandinavia, offering cargo capacity between its three main hubs (Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm) and 125 destinations in Europe, the US and Asia as well as through its extensive trucking network.

With its head office placed at Copenhagen Airport, right in the middle of one of Europe’s strongest life science clusters – Medicon Valley – the safe CEIV transportation of temperature sensitive products has always been a top priority for SAS Cargo.

SAS Cargo is rated amongst the very top in IATA’s iQ quality ratings.

The SAS Cargo vision is: We Make Air Freight Easier.

Visit: www.sascargo.com

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Finnair Cargo

Finnair Cargo is a modern premium airline that specialises in speed and quality, flying valuable temperature-sensitive products between Europe and Asia. Helsinki’s geographical location gives Finnair Cargo a competitive advantage, since the fastest routes between many European destinations and Asian megacities is over Finland. Founded in 1923, Finnair is one of the world’s oldest continuously operating airlines and it serves 19 destinations in Asia, 8 in North America and over 100 in Europe with an Airbus fleet that includes fifteen A350s. 

Finnair Cargo is also the proud owner of a new terminal at Helsinki Airport named the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub. The €80M terminal opened for full operations in 2018 and is renowned for its temperature-control technology and ultra-modern infrastructure. It is the best example in Europe of how robotics and intelligent warehouse automation can enhance and improve efficiency in air freight. 

Step into COOL: https://cargo.finnair.com/coolterminal360/

Visit: https://cargo.finnair.com/en



Founded in 2014, InstaDeep is an EMEA leader in decision-making AI products that is headquartered in London with offices in Paris, Tunis, Lagos, Dubai and Cape Town. InstaDeep has been named among the Top 100 global AI startups for two consecutive years by CB Insights. With expertise in both machine intelligence research and real-world business solutions, InstaDeep provides its partners with a competitive advantage in an AI-first world. Leveraging its extensive know-how in GPU-accelerated computing, deep learning and reinforcement learning, InstaDeep has built products, such as its novel DeepChain™ platform, that tackle the most complex challenges across a range of industries. InstaDeep has also developed collaborations with global leaders in the AI  ecosystem, such as Google DeepMind, NVIDIA and Intel. The company is part of Intel’s AI Builders program and is an NVIDIA Elite Service Delivery Partner.

Visit: https://www.instadeep.com

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Air Cargo Logistics

Air Cargo Logistics AS (ACL) is the leading airfreight logistics provider of seafood in Norway. Our key success factor is based on personal service, flexibility and high quality performance. We offer a fully hands-on processing for our customers- from A-Z.

ACL was founded January 25th 2007 by Bent Jaabæk and Frode Stig- both with previous substantial experience from the industry. The main goal and focus was- and will always be- to provide the best service to our clients and attend closely the selection of viable and strong products by air. You will be guided by the most competent sales staff. We are now 30 employees working in our office at Kløfta- situated a few minutes from the airport. On site we own 600m2 office area and 3000m2 terminal area.

ACL will be your strong ally because we can do things different than many of our competitors: we focus on quality before quantity, we are available at all times, our organizational structure will allow us to make ready decisions very fast and our employees are best trained to expertise. We will also contribute to viability for all parts involved in every possible way:


You are more than welcome to contact us at any time for suggestions of how to optimize your needs for logistic solutions:





Etihad Cargo

Etihad Cargo is the cargo and logistics arm of the Etihad Aviation Group. Since its establishment in 2004, Etihad Cargo has grown rapidly to become one of the leading air cargo carriers in the world, offering customers a range of cargo products and services to five major continents. Our hub in Abu Dhabi is strategically located at the centre of the worlds’ busiest trade lanes, providing an integral link between Asia, Europe, North America, Australia and Africa.

In addition to general cargo, Etihad Cargo offers a wide range of specialty products including live animals, dangerous good, valuables and vulnerables, personal effects, as well as our market leading cold chain products (the latter holding IATA’s stringent Center of Excellence for Independent Validators certifications for both Pharmaceutical Logistics as well as Perishables Logistics).

For more info please visit www.etihadcargo.com

Örebro Airport

Örebro Airport (ORB) is located in the center of the Nordics – and offer high  level  of expertise  and capacity in air cargo. Örebro region has a strong logistics community. At the airport you will get efficient, low-cost air-to-ground cargo transfers. The top global freight forwarders as DHL, TNT, Fedex operate at ORB and are supported by carriers serving air-to-truck movements for time-saving transportations.

Welcome to the most expansive cargo airport in the Norden countries.

Contact: handling@orebroairport.se

Visit: https://orebroairport.se

Web Cargo by Freightos

10,000 freight forwarding offices price and book air cargo across 30 airlines in real-time. Yours can too, free. Start comparing and booking today at https://www.freightos.com/


Aviation Plus


Visit: www.aviationplus.aero

Kales Airline Services


Visit: https://kales.com


Logicenters is the leading provider of modern logistics properties in the Nordics with nearly two million square meters of logistics space. We develop, re-develop and own modern logistics properties in virtually all key locations in the region. We are specialized in modern logistics, with all our properties meeting the high standards of quality, efficiency and flexibility demanded by world class logistics operations. Over the last decade, we have been the most active developer of modern logistics properties with 25+ completed projects and 600.000+ sum of space developed, including premises for several temperature zones.

Visit: www.logicenters.com

Lufthansa Cargo

With a turnover of 2.7 billion euros and 8.9 billion revenue tonne-kilometres in 2018, Lufthansa Cargo is one of the world’s leading companies in the transport of air freight. The company currently employs about 4,500 people worldwide. Lufthansa Cargo focuses on the airport-to-airport business. The cargo carrier serves around 300 destinations in more than 100 countries with its own fleet of freighters, the belly capacities of passenger aircraft operated by Lufthansa German Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Eurowings and SunExpress, and an extensive road feeder service network. The bulk of the cargo business is routed through Frankfurt Airport. Lufthansa Cargo is a wholly owned Lufthansa subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Lufthansa Group’s logistics specialist.

Visit https://lufthansa-cargo.com/



Visit www.saco.aero

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